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Is This the Wild West of the Stock Market?

Together, the NYSE and Nasdaq don’t even make up a third of our financial markets. Most trades happen in mysterious off-exchange settings known as dark pools.

Catch the Next 10-Baggers on a Bull Run Like This

If you’re looking for an investment that already has 10-bagger status, look no further than NVIDIA stock.

Coke vs. Pepsi: Which Stock Comes Out on Top?

Coke or Pepsi? The debate has raged on for years. And in this chart, we show which company has come out on top over the past decade.

How to Play the Greek Debt Gap, “Grexit” or Not

This week’s chart sheds some light on Greece’s woes by looking at the country’s gross domestic product versus debt since 2005.

The Real Reason the Rich Are Getting Richer

According to the media, the “wealth gap” in the U.S. is widening. This week’s chart shows why it doesn’t have to stay that way.