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6 LNG Investments to Tap Into

The global demand for LNG will be here for decades to come. And these companies have a head start.

Investment in Solar Energy for 2020

Solar power is growing rapidly, while other energy investments are going nowhere fast.

Conventional Oil and Gas Discoveries Hit 70-Year Lows

Over the last three years, new oil discoveries hit a 70-year low… with no indication of a rebound.

Energy Efficiency: America’s Hidden Power Source

We use a lot of energy in the United States. Unfortunately, we waste far more. How can we fix this?

Natural Gas in Pennsylvania: A 21st-Century Energy Revolution

Natural gas has emerged as the transition fuel that will take us to renewables.

Invest in the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Oil and coal are out. Renewables are in. That’s why the time to invest in wind is now.

Crude Oil Price Forecast for 2020

No matter how you slice it, the world is awash in crude. What does that mean for oil prices?

Race Tightens Between EVs and ICE-Powered Cars

The electric vehicle revolution cannot be stopped… and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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