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Three Easy Ways to Invest in Water

As Executive Editor of Investment U, I’m dedicated to providing you with the most sound investment philosophies and unique…

Three Easy Ways to Invest in Water

Chart: Intel’s (Nasdaq: INTC) Growth in Emerging Markets

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) is not only surviving in the post-PC era, but is actually growing… Chart: Intel’s (Nasdaq: INTC) Growth in Emerging Markets… >>

The Biggest Tech Trend in Brazil

There are several reasons why investors should expect solid growth for Brazil’s economy this decade, including massive expansion by it’s mobile telecom industry…Brazil’s Mobile Telecom Industry … >>

The Future of Nuclear: Is Thorium a True Threat to Uranium?

Thorium, a byproduct of rare earth mining, is now thought to be able to create more nuclear power with less material than current nuclear technology allows… Thorium: Nuclear Power’s Future… >>

Cobalt: A Critical Metal to Clean Energy

While cobalt prices are likely to remain low, that doesn’t mean that investors shouldn’t keep an eye on the developing industry for this rare earth metal…Cobalt: A Critical Metal to Clean Energy… >>

VIX Instruments: Why Investing in Volatility is Volatile

It’s natural to want to capitalize off of the volatility that we have all come to expect from the markets. But asset allocation and diversification are still…Vix Instruments… >>

Sunshine Silver Mining Goes Public, But Struggles to Profit

There are no guarantees with Sunshine Silver Mining Corp. And it’s concerning that the company is struggling to turn a profit. But if you are bullish on silver…Sunshine Silver Mining… >>

Coke vs. Pepsi: Which Cola Conglomerate is the Better Investment?

Pepsi is slightly sweeter than Coke, so in small doses, people prefer the sweeter taste but it can get overbearing very quickly. Similarly, Pepsi may be a sweeter short-term investment. But it’s hard to bet against such a tried-and-true consistent winner such as Coca-Cola for the long-term. Coke vs. Pepsi… >>