Matthew Carr

Trends Expert

Matthew’s expertise ranges from classic industries such as oil and mining to cutting-edge markets like small cap tech, cannabis, 3D printing and cloud computing. With almost two decades of financial experience under his belt, Matthew’s knack for finding market trends never fails to surprise us, which is why we keep a close eye on his free e-letter, Profit Trends.

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For Investors, This Is the True Color of Opportunity

At the end of last week, the Dow shed more than 270 points, sparking fear in many investors. But that’s the complete wrong way to look at this situation.

The Investing Strategy With a High Past Success Rate

With all the information available in the 21st century, and all the companies that you might want to research, how do you sort it all out? In Matthew Carr’s experience, this is the ideal (and most profitable) place to start…

How to Spot a Winning Stock

Peter Lynch once said, “Investing without research is like playing stud poker and never looking at the cards.”If you’re wary of doing hard work – of getting your hands dirty doing some research – then I don’t think investing is for you. It’s not a game. Or a gamble.

The Doomsday “Preppers” Portfolio

For many, an apocalypse seems to be breathing down upon us in multiple forms: economic, societal, environmental, or prophesized…”

>> The Doomsday “Preppers” Portfolio

How an Investment Portfolio of 9 Rappers Beat the Market

“The game is rigged…” That’s the lament from a lot of investors over the last few years. I feel for the people who share that view. It means they got burned…

How an Investment Portfolio of 9 Rappers Beat the Market