Steve McDonald

Bond Expert

Somewhat of a renaissance man, Steve worked as a professional broker and has been an active trader of bonds for more than two decades, specializing in ultra-short-maturity corporate bonds. But before entering the investment industry, Steve was a naval aviator, flying fixed-and rotary-winged aircrafts, and also served as a surface warfare officer. Steve’s regular video series featured on Wealthy Retirement called “Slap in the Face” Award is some the most amusing investment content we republish.

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Getting the Market Right: Adam Sharp on How to Do Your Own Cryptocurrency Research

Today on Getting the Market Right, Early Investing’s Adam Sharp explains how cryptocurrency research can help you distinguish legitimate coins from bad ones.

Getting the Market Right: Matthew Carr on Visual Cue Stock Analysis

Today on Getting the Market Right, Matthew Carr explains how simple visual cues in stock analysis can make your investments much more profitable.

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Today on Getting the Market Right, Manward Press founder Andy Snyder reveals the power of investing in what you know, or buying stocks in familiar industries.

Getting the Market Right: Marc Lichtenfeld Explains PDUFA Dates

Today on Getting the Market Right, Marc Lichtenfeld explains the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) and the importance of PDUFA dates in biotech investing.

Risk: Your One Guarantee in Retirement

Investment risk. We think we understand it… few of us really do, though. And it will be the undoing of many retirees.

The “Slap In The Face” Award: Another Reason to Hate Socialism

A lot of women want big boobs in Venezuela… The problem: not enough breast implants to go around. And protest signs are showing up complaining about the scarcity of breast implants… I’m not kidding…

In Praise of So-Called “Junk” Bonds

It’s time to set the record straight about bonds, specifically high-yield bonds. Since the bad ol’ days in the 1980s, when Michael Milken and his cronies at DLJ ruined the reputation of high-yield bonds – that’s where the term “junk bonds” came from – they have been the whipping boy of the industry.

>> In Praise of So-Called “Junk” Bonds

Low Prices in Natural Resources

  • A Bargain in Metals
  • A Cheap Buy in Energy
  • The “Slap in the Face” Award: You Can’t Take It With You, But…