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Molycorp’s Domestic Rare Earth Production About to Get Underway

U.S. politicians have finally caught on, calling domestic rare earth production a matter of national security and fortunately, the U.S. has a large deposit of rare earths located in Mountain Pass, California and is owned by Molycorp…

Backdoor IPOs and Reverse Mergers: A Chinese Recipe for Scandal

Investing in China has become increasingly unsettling as investors are now aware of the backdoor IPOs and reverse mergers that are allowing fraudulent companies onto exchanges and luring in the unsuspecting U.S. investor… China’s Backdoor IPOs and Reverse Mergers… >>

How Does Renren Compare to Facebook?

Renren Inc. (NYSE: RENN), China’s leading social networking service, is the latest red-hot IPO to hit the market with analysts touting it as “the Facebook of China.” And while the two companies do share certain similarities, they also differ in some important ways…Renren: The Facebook of China… >>

The Country That’s Solving The Nuclear Waste Problem

Japan’s mess exposes how far the world has to go to find a permanent solution for the thousands of tons of high-level radioactive waste stored in temporary facilities. So far, no country yet has implemented a long-term solution. But one is getting very close… Global Nuclear Waste Disposal… >>