Canada’s PharmaCielo Blazes the Trail for Colombian Cannabis Market

An ongoing debate has captured the global cannabis market. We’re all wondering… Will the industry ultimately be worth $200 billion… $500 billion… or – with everything considered – far more than that?

There are dozens of companies battling it out to stake their claims and rise to dominance.

For the past six years, cannabis company PharmaCielo (OTC: PHCEF) has been quietly building out its operations.

Mainstream investors might not recognize the name. But that could soon change.

Because all of the hard work the company has been doing is about to pay off.

PharmaCielo’s corporate headquarters is in Canada. But its medical marijuana grow operations are based in Colombia. There, the company has 150 registered strains, as well as one of the largest cannabis operations on the planet.

And over the past several months, the company’s operations have been gaining steam.

PharmaCielo has increased its oil processing capacity by twelvefold. It can now handle 265 metric tons of dried flower every year.

It also received the final permit to begin exporting CBD from Colombia. This is an enormous opportunity. And the company delivered its first commercial CBD shipment to Europe in August.

So as we head into 2020, PharmaCielo is expected to enjoy an exciting and transformative year.

That’s why I thought now was a perfect time to talk to Chief Corporate Officer David Gordon.

In this episode of CannaBiz Now!, he explains why Colombia offers cannabis growers advantages seen nowhere else in the world – and how the company is leveraging those advantages for its global market strategy.

We also talk about the company’s entrance into the U.S. market and the opportunities there. And David discusses the benefits of being headquartered in Canada.

Finally, he outlines the obstacles and opportunities that PharmaCielo sees for the global cannabis market in the years ahead.

Here’s to high returns,


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