Financial Freedom

Why the “Population Bomb” Never Exploded

The global famines predicted in Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb never arrived. His story teaches investors a valuable lesson about listening to Cassandras.

Does Creating Wealth Make You Selfish and Greedy?

Alex’s recent columns have generated a lot of reader feedback on the nature of wealth. Here, he asks, “Does creating wealth make you selfish and greedy?”

Why Warren Buffett Is a World-Class Con Man

Polls regularly show that investor Warren Buffett is one of the most trusted men in America. But our newest columnist disagrees strongly with that assessment…

Don’t Buy the House You Can Afford

It can be tough to resist the allure of a big new house. But if you can be happy in a less expensive property, it can free you up to do other things – like invest for the future.

Freedom vs. Liberty

Do you feel like it’s impossible to overcome mediocrity? Our Editorial Director Andrew Snyder explains the true difference between freedom and liberty, and why it’s up to you to fight for both.

The Second Best Way to Get Rich

Is starting a small business really the best way to get rich in America? Turns out there’s an even better (and less risky) method…

Meet the World’s Worst Economist

Paul Krugman has written more than a dozen books over the last 20 years and, with the luxury of hindsight, all the erroneous predictions, needless warnings and boneheaded policy proscriptions are there for anyone with too much time on his hands to see. Of course, making economic prognostications is a treacherous business.

Robert Kiyosaki Shocks Investors At FreedomFest

Two thousand wealthy investors and concerned citizens jammed into this year’s FreedomFest in Las Vegas to hear over 150 speakers talk…

>> Robert Kiyosaki Shocks Investors At FreedomFest