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What the History Books Will Say About This Week

The history books have a funny way of telling a story… especially when it comes to money.

We’re excited to see what they say about what just happened.

Will they claim it’s the week the dollar died? Will they ever reveal the secret meeting Trump held last week? Or will the history books ignorantly gloss over the facts and leave future generations to figure it all out for themselves?

The past gives us some clues.

By most textbook accounts, FDR was a fine president – maybe even great.

He created jobs… pulled America out of her depression… and forever cemented the economic might of Washington.

But the folks who read the history books closely have a different opinion.

They call the nation’s 32nd president a word that’s typically reserved only for modern presidents.

They call him a felon.

He stole the nation’s gold.

The Dollar’s Slippery Slope

Most Americans aren’t familiar with Executive Order 6102.

They have no idea that the president used an odd loophole written into the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 to force Americans to hand over their gold.

The nation didn’t face an enemy. She wasn’t under threat of attack. Her borders weren’t being invaded. And yet, FDR saw an opportunity to bust the free markets and get the hand of Big Government forever in the pockets of his constituency.

You see, with deflation pulling the nation into a depression, many Americans were stockpiling gold. It was their best way to preserve their wealth.

But the government didn’t like it. Gold was competition.

Hoarding the stuff gave far too much power to the free market – Washington’s ultimate enemy.

So the president used his power to bring it all in.

He made it illegal for Americans to own gold.

Washington confiscated her citizens’ wealth.


Falling Fast

Over the following few decades, the rare metal’s power would ebb and flow. When times were good, Washington wouldn’t pay it much attention.

But when the markets went south or when Uncle Sam needed to spend some cash on a war or two, the monetary snipers put gold in their crosshairs.

In 1971, as you know, President Nixon slashed America’s ties to gold once and for all.

It unleashed an unprecedented era… a time when money has no real value and the government can push aside the free market anytime it wants.

It’s how we got to where we are today.

Everybody’s talking about the Federal Reserve and its move yesterday. It’s newsworthy. But few folks caught on to the real story.

It happened nearly a week ago – last Friday afternoon.

That’s when the president pulled his men together, sat at an oval table and discussed what they should do about your money.

As you know, Trump doesn’t like what other countries have done to their currencies.

He points a finger at Mario Draghi… the European Central Bank chief who’s never raised rates and reigns over a land of negative interest rates.

He points at China… for obvious reasons.

And he points at the Federal Reserve… and says Jay Powell is too naïve to see what’s really going on.

He’s not wrong. Governments across the world are engaged in a powerful game.

That’s why Trump wants his turn at the dice.

And it’s why somebody made an incredible proposal at that secret White House meeting last week.

One of the president’s top advisors pitched the idea of selling enough dollars to crash its value by 10%.

His words lead the latest chapter in the death of the dollar. They’re the biggest threat to your wealth today.

The official word from the White House is that the plan was shot down. It was too bold, even for 45.

But that’s the thing. We’ll never know. This could all be a ruse. After all, the advisors also talked of “jawboning” down the value of the greenback.

The mainstream press would surely latch on to that story.

You see, without gold (without anything real backing our money), our bank accounts all have strings attached – strings that feed right into the hands of some powerful puppeteers.

We’re seeing it this week in Washington.

And someday not too far from now, we’ll see it in the history books.

We can’t wait to read what they have to say. We just hope most Americans can afford to pick up a copy.

We dare to imagine the numbers on the price tag.



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