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Embracing Risk With Royal Bank of Scotland

Smart Speculation is what we’re all about in The War Room. It also distinguishes my trading style from Bryan’s.

Bryan is – without a doubt – the master of short-term technical trading.

My focus is on longer-term plays (with some nice short-term ones for good measure) that rely heavily on fundamentals.

We closed out a huge winner in The War Room today when our “free ride” on Royal Bank of Scotland (NYSE: RBS) hit a large profit for the second time in about a month.

A few weeks ago, we closed out part of the strangle when the price of the call options exceeded the price War Room members paid for both the puts and the calls they bought based on positive or negative Brexit expectations.

I recommended investing in Royal Bank of Scotland because it is exposed to Brexit in a big way, actively conducting business in the U.K. A positive Brexit would send shares soaring, and a negative Brexit would send shares plunging.

A big event like that is a great opportunity for us.

The only problem is…

We don’t know what will happen or which side of the trade to play.

That’s why it’s a Smart Speculation to play both sides.

Last night, Ireland news outlets announced that the Irish prime minister and the British prime minister had come to an understanding that could lead to a viable solution.

That’s all the information Royal Bank of Scotland needed for a 15% pop this morning.

That 15% pop resulted in more than a 100% pop for our position!

More than 240% on the calls to be exact…

Take a look at what two War Room members had to say:

Great call, Karim!! Out at 113%” – Rick R.

Out a little early at $0.85, but that’s a 242% profit on the calls. Nice play, Karim. Many thanks.” – Art

Action Plan: The War Room thrives on taking a different approach to trading. We embrace risk, but do so through Smart Speculation – a strategy like a strangle to play both sides, or hedging one trade against another…

The list of ways to trade is endless.

Isn’t it time you joined us in The War Room so you can enjoy the types of gains our members are enjoying?

Earnings season is on the horizon, which is historically the best time to be a trader, especially in The War Room!


With more than 20 years of experience, Karim has mastered the subtle art of options trading. What we admire about him is his ability to score huge gains while minimizing the massive amount of risk that often comes with options. Beyond his expertise in options trading, he is also the author of the best-selling book Where in the World Should I Invest? He publishes weekly about smart speculation in his latest free e-letter, Trade of the Day.

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