Andy Snyder on Self-Sufficiency and the Modern Man

This week, Marc talks with Andy Snyder. He’s the founder of Manward Press, a publishing company focused on self-sufficiency and skills for the modern man. In the clip below, they discuss the background and purpose of the new publisher.

Snyder first got the idea for a “modern man”-focused publishing company during his time in Alaska. In two seasons of living in the wilderness, he had some interesting escapades (including a near-collision with a mountain while in a float plane), which he began to write down.

These stories, combined with Snyder’s publishing experience, formed the basis of Manward Press. As Snyder explains, today’s men aren’t like their fathers and grandfathers. Increasing job specialization has contributed to a loss of basic self-sufficiency skills that were essential to previous generations of men.

Manward Press publishes Manward Digest, a free e-letter. Manward Digest articles are all tied to one of three core concepts called the “triad.” These are Liberty, Know-How and Connections. In Snyder’s view, these three qualities are all essential to a fulfilled, self-sufficient and healthy life.

The digest also teaches important survival skills for the modern man. These include ancient arts like beekeeping and stellar navigation.

In the interview, Snyder shares several more stories from the Alaskan wilderness. These extreme experiences helped him form the idea for a digest that promotes self-sufficiency for the modern man. To hear them, watch the full clip above.

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