The $100 “Smart Shares” Retirement Plan Review

The $100 “Smart Shares” Retirement Plan is a webinar hosted by former financial adviser, and early investing expert, Adam Sharp. The event educates investors on the massive income potential of Smart Shares, and how they can set you on your way to a dream retirement.

Smart Shares will revolutionize the way you invest. With them, you can invest in the very best growth-stage companies, without going through the stock market. In other words, they give you ownership in the company, while completely bypassing Wall Street.

Previously Smart Shares were reserved for millionaires and elite insiders… Now, thanks to S.E.C. Rule 4-A6, businesses can issue certain types of Smart Shares to investors of any means.

This is huge news, because compared to regular shares, Smart Shares can provide much larger returns.

“Smart Shares” Investment Examples 

The $100 “Smart Shares” Retirement Plan shows you how to outfox Wall Street and get the chance to turn a tiny stake into a retirement windfall. Remember: these aren’t your regular investments. With Smart Shares you get in at prices far better than normal everyday investors. And as a result, the returns can be enormous.

Here’s what would have happened if you invested in these companies with Smart Shares: 

  • Snapchat (NYSE: SNAP) investors have actually lost money since it went public in 2017. But, if you owned Smart Shares? You could have booked up to 24,000% gains.
  • Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) went public in 2012. A regular investment of $500 would now be $3,000. If you had invested with Smart Shares, you could have turned that $500 into $1 million.
  • Slack (NYSE: WORK) is on track to pay out Smart Share investors 27,900% gains. If you were able to put in just $100 in 2010, you’d now be sitting on more than $27,000. And $10,000 would be worth over $2.7 million.

These gains are remarkable. And they are possible with Smart Shares. Smart Shares offer investors the type of returns that Wall Street investing can’t offer anymore. Why? Because venture capitalists are locking up profits while companies are still private.

MSNBC recently ran a headline proclaiming, “Looking at these trends, it’s clear that private is the new public.”

Thanks to new laws, you can invest like a private angel investor. With Smart Shares you can outperform public shares by leaps and bounds.

Reviews of The $100 “Smart Shares” Retirement Plan

CNBC reports the returns on Smart Shares investments “can be really high,” and called them “the best retirement investment you can NOT have.” Thankfully, Smart Shares are now available to everyone.

Forbes says Smart Shares are proving to be “a powerful force” that “work mind-blowingly well.” They added, “Most families are missing out on a HUGE wealth creation opportunity.” Well, you don’t have to miss out anymore.

The New York Times wrote: “Instead of quickly turning to the public markets… entrepreneurs are building huge businesses over the course of many years on the back of [Smart Share] money.” Now, you can get in early with Smart Shares and invest in the next Amazon, Google, or Facebook.

These publications show that Smart Shares work. And it is evidence that Adam Sharp and Early Investing are guiding investors in the right direction. 

The Verdict

The $100 “Smart Shares” Retirement Plan has the potential to dramatically improve your financial wellbeing and your retirement plan.

When it comes to Smart Shares, a small investment today could yield life changing returns years down the road. And as with all First Stage investing, the early bird gets the worm, so don’t wait!

To learn more straight from the source, check out the The $100 “Smart Shares” Retirement Plan.

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