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Two Reasons Bloomin’ Brands Yields Fat Profits

Last Friday I wrote to you about Bloomin’ Brands (Nasdaq: BLMN) when it was trading for around $14.

You could have bought it around that price all day Monday!

However, the next morning, two analysts upgraded Bloomin’ Brands, and the stock shot up to more than $16 per share.

War Room members were ready and jumped in for some fat profits. I hope you were able to jump in on Monday after reading my article!

If you did, cash out now!

Take a look at what members had to say about the trade…

“79% gain.” – Mccauley

“In at $1.24, out at $2.10 (69%).” – Russ M.

“Out at $2.20 48% return. Thanks.” – Keith H.

Those are some nice gains thanks to some on-the-ground investigative work that involved visiting a few Bloomin’ Brands locations in person!

I can tell you this… The fries were pretty darn good!

Visiting several locations and canvassing members about locations near them was not the only reason I recommended buying Bloomin’ Brands. In fact, that was the second-most-important reason behind the purchase.

The first reason had to do with the huge amounts of insider buying I noticed. If you recall, members already took one win on Bloomin’ Brands when they bought in at $9.

When I follow something, I get all the information that comes along with the trade. That first buy in at $9 put the shares on my screen, and I saw all the insider buying as the filings came in.

Action Plan: This is the huge benefit of being a War Room member

Receiving real-time, actionable information long before the regular investor gets it.

Isn’t it time you joined this exclusive, unique trading community of like-minded investors and enjoyed some delicious profits right alongside us? Join now!

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With more than 20 years of experience, Karim has mastered the subtle art of options trading. What we admire about him is his ability to score huge gains while minimizing the massive amount of risk that often comes with options. Beyond his expertise in options trading, he is also the author of the best-selling book Where in the World Should I Invest? He publishes weekly about smart speculation in his latest free e-letter, Trade of the Day.

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