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Why I’m Leaving (and What It Means for Investment U Readers)

I’ve got good news for you.

What it means for me, well, I’m still not sure.

After years penning this popular column, this will be my last one.

Members of The Oxford Club (the publisher behind Investment U) know why that’s good news… and they know the big risk I’m taking.

If you haven’t heard, I’ve made the tough decision to leave my current role at the center of the Club’s renowned editorial team to pursue my passion project.

The great thing is I have the full support of the Club as I embark on this new journey. That means you’ll still be hearing from me – albeit less frequently and with a different title at the end of my byline.

But hearing and seeing less of me is not the good news. (Sorry.)

No, the good news is I really think you’re going to like my new project – and the admittedly controversial presentation I created to launch it.

If you’re a frequent reader of this column, you’ve likely heard mention of my passion project before. It’s called Manward Press.

It’s about everything it takes to live a successful, healthy and fulfilled life.

Here’s what some of my readers said last week when I announced my side project is now my full-time devotion:

  • Congratulations to you… for taking such a bold and, I believe, sound decision, Mr. Snyder. With avid interest, I have read virtually every Manward Digest; and I have to say that I share your views and admire your unwavering candor. Your writings and subject matters are relevant, inspiring and bolstering! – S.A.
  • Congratulations on stepping out on your own. It’s a big step and I wish you all success. I enjoy your work and look forward to continuing to enjoy it in the years to come. Norm C.
  • Thank you for all your time and research in writing Manward. I am an older female and love your commentaries and research. I find your venue refreshing compared to all the fluff we are fed through the news media! Good luck on your new venture!! I will be looking forward to your emails! – Donna K.

The idea for Manward Press first came to me during my time in Alaska. I was living and working in some of the state’s most remote wilds – no roads, no electricity, nothing on the radio dial.

My clients – mostly men – came from all over the world, paying thousands of dollars to learn what I do and how I do it. Most of them came to me feeling unfulfilled and jaded about the lack of control in their lives. But after just a couple of days together – and after teaching them just a few simple skills – they left with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.

The change in such a small amount of time was nothing short of amazing.

I was doing powerful work. Sensing a much larger problem, I wanted to do more.

The truth is that most men are helpless on their own. Because of this, the average modern man lacks a sense of true fulfillment.


The typical man lacks the skills and knowledge to meet his full potential. He can’t survive on his own. He has great trouble building (and keeping) wealth. He can’t maintain strong relationships. And he’s frustratingly constrained by modern society.

He’s a far cry from his primal self… the way we were created to perform.

So I founded Manward as a side project to attack that debilitating notion.

It was my way of “scaling up,” going from changing hundreds of lives to changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

To bust through the barriers created by modern society, Manward focuses intently on just three scientifically proven ideas that all men must master in order to reach true fulfillment.

They are Liberty, Know-How and Connections.


We call them the “Triad.” Everything at Manward is aimed at them.


Men who master the Triad are happier… wealthier… and have better relationships. Science proves it.

Believe me, I’m not a conspiracy-focused prepper. And, as I’m sure you know, I’m not preaching some get-rich-quick scheme. And I’m certainly not a misogynistic fool.

No, I created Manward to be about just one thing… publishing ideas that lead men (and women) to richer, fuller lives that overflow with freedom.

And to kick off, I’m attacking one of the biggest ideas yet…

I’ve spent the past several months studying our nation’s troubling addiction to technology. At first, I was concerned mainly with the societal damage being done by cellphones and social media. (How many of those online “connections” will really be there for you in a pinch?)

But then I dug in further… and discovered something far more unsettling.

With every study I read – and there are thousands on the subject – I grew more alarmed. Because it turns out the devices we’re glued to day in and day out may actually be doing physical harm.

What’s even worse is… the companies behind these products know all about the threat. To cover their tails, they buried key safety information deep within their user manuals (you know, those 100-page guides that no one ever reads).

In other words, they hid the danger in plain sight.

But it won’t stay hidden for long. In a short presentation I’ve created, I expose everything – the potential health risks… the companies involved… and, most important of all, the simple fix that can protect you and your family.

I’ll even show you the results of an experiment I did that PROVES our devices can cause real harm.


Carefully consider my research. I think it’s a good introduction to what Manward is all about.

And before I go, I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of my readers. I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you here each Sunday.

I hope you’ll join me in my new venture.

Good investing,



Andy did what most of us can only dream of. He left our bustling society to rough it in the Alaskan wilderness – no roads, no electricity, nothing but the outdoors and his sharp mind. While there, he met with top investors and entrepreneurs from across the globe, all seeking out his expertise. His experience inspired the idea for his unique publishing company, Manward Press. Not only does Andy dish out top-notch investment advice (after all, he spent a decade as an advisor at one of Wall Street’s top brokerages), but his mission is to lead folks to richer, healthier lives through his science-backed Triad of Liberty, Know-How and Connections. His one-of-a-kind free daily e-letter, Manward Digest, is a true fan favorite.

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