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Today’s Emerging Markets Are Tomorrow’s Powerhouses

Today’s emerging markets could become tomorrow’s market powerhouses. So investors currently stuck in overpriced U.S. stocks should consider these cheaper alternatives.

Bitcoin Consuming Less Electricity

Bitcoin’s electricity consumption has dropped in the past year. And it’s part of a growing green trend.

More Canadians Are Using Legal Cannabis

The latest National Cannabis Survey shows more Canadians are getting their weed from legal sources. Here’s why that trend will continue.

News Fix: Old Banks Learning New Tricks

In the news this week: Bitcoin and gold prices move in tandem, the oldest bank in South Korea invests in a blockchain startup and Libra backers consider leaving the project.

Why Millennials Prefer Real Estate and Crypto Investments

The most popular investments in America are changing. And millennials are leading the charge.

Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Market Grows Stronger

Colorado sold about twice as much recreational marijuana as medical marijuana last year. That’s a reflection of both the growing recreational market and Colorado’s smart way of approaching it.

Poll Shows People Trust Bitcoin More Than Libra

A recent poll shows people trust Facebook’s Libra crypto less than they do bitcoin. Here’s why.