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Q&A With Alexander Green

In a recent video, Alexander Green addressed some things the mainstream media isn’t telling you. Listen carefully…

Veterans Are Ready for Medical Marijuana

A recent survey shows a huge number of veterans are interested in medical marijuana as a treatment option. Which means the current U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs marijuana policy needs a major update.

Cannabis Companies Spend Record Amount on Lobbying

Cannabis companies have spent a record amount on lobbying this year. Here’s why.

Everyone Is Googling CBD

Americans are Googling cannabidiol and CBD more than ever. This increased interest is another reason we desperately need marijuana reform.

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Would Create Seven Times More Cannabis Jobs in Florida

A new study shows legal recreational marijuana in Florida could dramatically increase the number of cannabis jobs in the state. Here’s how close the state is to legalization.

Dollar Reserves Dip

The dollar’s status as the world’s top reserve currency is still intact. But that could change.

Hong Kong Citizens Turn to Bitcoin Amid Political Turmoil

As protests in Hong Kong continue, bitcoin’s popularity is growing. Here’s why.

Massachusetts Vape Sales Plummet in Light of Health Concerns

Massachusetts marijuana vape sales have plunged amid vape-related health concerns. And Juul, the biggest vape company in the country, is sounding a lot like its tobacco forebears as it grapples with the drop.