Financial Freedom

How to Eat Better, Live Longer… and Get Richer

Maintaining your investment portfolio is a lot like maintaining your health: The key to health and wealth is not the market where you shop, but what you buy.

Cyclical Stocks: An Offensive Play For Any Market

Cyclical stocks allow investors to time an investment that maximizes their profits in a relatively short time frame. If you know what to look for.

Here’s How to Retire at 45 with Financial Freedom

What would life be like if you could retire at 45? Aside from not having to go to a job every day, what would you look forward to?

How to Invest in Stocks for Lifetime Wealth

Mark Ford gives his tried-and-true income-building advice that is sure to guarantee long-term wealth.

Want to Retire at 50? It’s Possible. Here’s How

Do you think it’s possible to retire at 50? Most people dismiss it as a dream but it’s possible with the right plan. That’s why we’re sharing this research.

Here’s Everything You Need to Retire at 55

Still don’t think it’s possible to retire at 55? Here’s what the road to retirement looks like for people that want to retire early.

Set Yourself up to Retire at 60 With Financial Freedom

Most people laugh at the idea and think they’re lucky to retire at 65, but the fact is, early retirement is a real possibility. Here’s how to retire at 60.

An Important Update About Our Presidential Campaign

Our campaign platform stems from an idea that has treated us well over the years… Money goes where it’s treated best. And that’s why we’re unelectable.