Financial Freedom

FreedomFest Highlights for Financial Liberty

The FreedomFest conference had some great speakers and takeaways. Whether you’re looking for investment or political ideas, it’s worth checking out.

The Psychology of “Influence” in Investing

No one is immune to the power of persuasion, especially investors. If you want to up your investing game, watch out for “weapons of influence.”

Understanding the Life – and Death – of Great Stocks

If market outperformance is your goal, drop your subscription to the psychic network. It’s time to fine-tune your investment strategy.

How to Trade Stocks in Three Easy Steps

Learning how to trade stocks can seem like a daunting endeavor. But by following these simple steps you’ll be successfully investing in no time.

How to Plan Your Investment Goals

Setting investment goals for your portfolio is a great way to prepare yourself for retirement, both financially and personally.

Investment U Conference 2021 Review | St. Petersburg, FL

The Investment U Conference is held every year by the Oxford Club. Here is a first-hand review of the 2021 Investment U Conference in St. Petersburg, FL.

What a $15 Minimum Wage Could Do to Our Economy: Pros and Cons

The $15 minimum wage amendment was yanked from the coronavirus relief bill. But the topic remains on the table. Here’s what it could lead to if passed.

The Man With a Dream… Who Shared It With the World

This week, millions of Americans will pause to celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr., the 20th century’s most influential civil rights activist.

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