Financial Freedom

The New Wealth Tax Is Calling… It’s for You

Democrats have proposed wealth taxes to penalize the rich and fund social programs, but tax economics show they are sure to impact the middle class as well.

NBA vs. China: The Truth Comes Out

We can’t hold back anymore. It’d be disrespectful to all we do… a slap in the face to our mission.

Making Meetings Great Again: Bringing a Business Mindset to Political Meetings

One way to wealth that we often discuss is starting your own business, but how you run that business is also key. Are your meetings productive or wasteful?

How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

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How the Rich Keep Getting Richer

Half of Americans have a negative net worth. Pundits think capitalism is to blame, but Alex Green reveals the truth behind wealth and power.

The One Financial Secret of the Top 3%

It’s true that life isn’t fair. But how you deal with the challenges that come your way is entirely up to you and can have a huge impact on your income and wealth.

The Best Options for Yield-Hungry Investors

What’s happening in the stock market is far from natural. Prices are supposed to rise on good news… and fall on bad news. Clearly that’s not happening…

Do You Have the Mindset of a Champion?

In order to achieve a rich life, it may seem like you need to have natural talent and the mindset of a champion. But there is another door you can use to find success.