Financial Literacy

What is an Exercise Price?

An exercise price is the fixed price at which the investor can exercise the option. Let’s take a closer look on it’s impact on options and how it works. 

What are Business Losses?

There are different types of business losses. Let’s take a closer look at business losses to better-understand what they mean for a company. 

What is Managerial Accounting?

Managerial accounting focuses on providing financial information to managers, who use that data to guide and measure operational planning and decisions.

What is Liability Driven Investing?

The purpose of liability driven investing is to cover future expenses. And many large companies and institutions engage in this type of investing.

What is Inventory Turnover Ratio?

The inventory turnover ratio benchmarks the value of sold inventory vs. the remaining inventory with figures from the income statement and the balance sheet

What is a Business Expense?

A business expense is an incurred cost or money spent in an organization’s efforts to generate income or maintain its business.

What Does it Mean to Exercise an Option?

When you exercise an option, you are using or activating the contract. Options trading has become a popular investment choice amongst investors.

What is an Exchange?

An exchange is a marketplace that brings together those seeking capital and those willing to give it. They also serve a broader variety of roles.

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