Financial Literacy

What is a 403(b) Plan?

A 403(b) retirement plan lets you save money, lower your taxable income, and invest your savings. They were originally tax-sheltered annuities.

The Grandparents’ Guide to 529s

By taking advantage of 529 plan rules, grandparents can make a significant difference in their grandchildren’s college savings.

Farewell, Tall Paul

He took dramatic action… and it didn’t make him many friends.

We’re in a Hell of a Mess

How do we run a democracy… when nobody believes in the democracy? The question seems to answer itself.

A Blue Christmas for Misery

Right now, the misery index is at a 50-year low…

Don’t Use a Market Order for Options Trading

Never use this type of order when trading options.

Charlie Munger’s Checklist for Investing

Billionaire Charlie Munger is a compelling character with a lot to teach investors. Learn how to grow your wealth with his investment checklist.

A White – and Green – Christmas Ahead

These are great investing opportunities, whether you’re hoping for a white or a green Christmas…