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The Investment U research team is constantly combing the markets for the best opportunities and most effective moneymaking strategies. We bring this valuable intelligence to you in the form of articles, videos, reports and these investment tools. The following tools and calculators will help you along your way to financial freedom.

investment tools

Investment Tools: Apps

With investing apps like Robinhood and Cash App, the mobile space continues to heat up. Both of these apps have made it much easier for investors both young and old to buy shares. In fact, both platforms currently offer free trades.

Or maybe you prefer a more hands-off approach to investing? SoFi Invest Is a great tool. Check out our review here.

There’s no doubt about it…apps are one of the best investing tools out there. What are you waiting for? Get started today.

Investment Tools: Education

Investment U is your one-stop shop for taking your financial future into your own hands and – unapologetically – building the investment accounts that will let you live life on your terms. You’ll learn proven, easy-to-master systems for wealth building, whether markets are up or down… whether you’re a trading novice, a dabbler or a seasoned pro. We cover everything from ETFs and Dividends to Bonds, IPOs and everything in between. Sign up for our free e-letter today and never look back.

Check out our investment opportunities page to see the latest and greatest wealth building strategies.

Investment Tools: Calculators

Investment Calculator

This investing calculator is free to use and gives you powerful results. As you enter the variables, the calculator automatically updates. It shows you how your portfolio can grow over time. The returns compound each year.

Dividend Reinvestment Calculator 

Dividend reinvestment is one of the most powerful wealth-building strategies. This calculator reveals how your portfolio value grows when dividends are reinvested versus not reinvesting them.

Dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPS) allow you to increase the number of shares that you own without paying any new money. The plan automatically buys new shares with every dividend payment. What an amazing investment tool. You can sit back and let the power of compounding take over. Reinvesting dividends over the long haul really adds up, helping to exponentially increase the value of your portfolio.

Bond Yield Calculator

Both dividends and interest from bonds can be a great source of income. Although, these two types of securities function very differently. With this bond yield calculator, you can find a bond’s current yield, as well as the yield to maturity.

Compound Interest Calculator

This calculator shows you how compound interest can grow your wealth. Compound interest is one of the most powerful concepts in finance. It takes the interest you earn each year and adds it to your principal so that the balance doesn’t simply grow; it grows exponentially.

You simply plug in your principal investment, any annual additions, how many years it has to grow, and the interest rate. The calculator then shows you the future value of your initial investment, and displays the growth on a graph.

ROI Calculator

This simple ROI calculator will show you how much an investment has returned. All you have to do is enter the starting and ending amounts, along with the investment’s timeframe. You’ll also find an explanation of three of the formulas used behind the scenes with this calculator.

Investment Variables Calculator

Growing your money without the burden of taxes can be a powerful strategy. In a tax-deferred account, like an IRA or 401(k), earnings from interest, capital gains or dividends grow tax-free until withdrawals are made.

Tax-free growth has its benefits, including compounding returns free from Uncle Sam’s hands. Of course, you will pay taxes eventually, but withdrawals are normally made when investors are earning little or no income and are taxed at a lower rate. Try this investment tool today.

Mutual Fund Calculator

Our mutual fund calculator will help you visualize your investment goals. You can see how many years it will take to reach your magic number by inputting percentages like average rate of return, inflation rate, and tax rate to increase precision.

Getting to your magic number might seem hard, but it requires no magic at all. It takes dedication to saving as you go, coupled with reinvesting and compounding. Our calculator will help you decide what you need to put away each year and what type of return rate you need to aim for along the way.

Stock Position Size Calculator

Position sizing is crucial to managing risk. Without it, a single unfortunate trade can destroy your whole portfolio. Our calculator will help you choose the proper number of shares to buy or sell in order to maximize your return and limit your risk.

It’s a good policy stop stocks falling more than 25% below the purchase price without selling it. That’s why we often recommend a 25% trailing stop. That way if you take a maximum loss of 25% on your maximum position size of 4%, the value of your portfolio has fallen only 1%.

Stock Cost Basis Calculator

This cost basis calculator can help you determine your gains and losses. As you buy and sell stocks at different prices, the average cost basis changes. Determining this is also important when it comes to taxes.

Roth IRA Calculator

Taxes can have a huge impact on your total savings. This Roth IRA calculator helps you determine how much you can save over time. You’ll also find some insight on Traditional vs. Roth accounts, as well as contribution limits.

CAGR Calculator

There are many ways to calculate investment returns. But with this investment tool, you can compare different asset returns on a more level playing field. The CAGR calculator helps you see the average annual growth rate.

Crypto Calculator

As the number of crypto investors climbs, this tool can come in handy. It helps investors see their returns on both a total and annual basis. This investment calculator works for both past returns and predicting future crypto returns.

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

As your portfolio grows, taxes can climb as well. It’s a good problem to have but you shouldn’t have to pay any more than legally required. The tax code is complex and this capital gains tax calculator can help you plan ahead. Although, even with this useful tool, it’s still good to consult with a tax professional.

Options Calculator

When it comes to trading options, the strategies can become complex. That’s why it’s good to build a solid understanding of single option pricing. This options calculator can help you find the potential price for both call and put options. You’ll also find some insight into how it works.

Investment Tools: Summarized

Whether it’s an app recommendation, educational resources, or a simple calculator to help you make better decisions…these investment tools should help make your financial journey a lot easier. Don’t forget to subscribe to our free InvestmentU E-letter today. You too can Master your finances, tuition-free.


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