I’m neither for nor against gas-powered cars. They’ve served us well and in many cases continue to be the most cost-effective option. Although battery tech is advancing rapidly. And it’s looking like electric vehicles (EVs) will eventually dominate the roads. That’s why I’ve researched the top EV charging station stocks.

It’s still a ways off, but gas stations will eventually be relics of the past. Instead of filling up at the pump, you will charge at home or plug in while on the go. Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) has helped spur electric charging demand. The company has built its own supercharging network. But it’s not the only player in town…

The EV charging stocks below have some great growth opportunities ahead. The government is even looking to lend a hand. President Biden wants to help install more than $15 billion worth of EV charging stations across the country. The money would come from grants and other incentives and could lead to a national network of 500,000 charging stations.

The opportunity is huge, and a lot of money is starting to move. Getting in early on the best charging station stocks could deliver some big gains. So without further ado, let’s dive in…

plugging into the top ev charging station stocks

Top EV Charging Station Stocks

  • Blink Charging (Nasdaq: BLNK)
  • ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT)
  • TPG Pace Beneficial Financial Corp. (NYSE: TPGY)
  • EVgo (Nasdaq: EVGO)

Tesla gives good exposure to investing in EV charging. It has more than 20,000 superchargers around the globe. Although that’s only a small piece of its business. That’s why it didn’t make this list. These other companies offer much more direct exposure.

And if you’re looking for EV manufacturing companies, you can check out these top EV stocks. You’ll find Tesla at the top of its list, along with some of its top competitors. But there are many ways to play the different EV trends.

Blink Charging

Blink Charging has thousands of EV chargers deployed across the United States. You can find these EV chargers near airports, hotels, healthcare facilities and many other destinations. And this makes it one of the top EV charging stocks around.

Blink Charging offers a wide range of business models for host locations. One big focus is remote access and management of stations. It has an easy-to-use platform that shows usage stats, real-time status, location and charging rates.

This EV charging station company takes a cloud-based approach. It allows easy access and custom reports. As Blink Charging helps build out more chargers, its stock should head higher. This is a top EV infrastructure investing opportunity.


ChargePoint got its start in California back in 2007. But it didn’t begin making headlines until more recently. In 2017, ChargePoint took over 9,800 electric vehicle charging spots for General Electric (NYSE: GE). Since then, the company has expanded rapidly…

ChargePoint now maintains more than 114,000 charging stations across Mexico, Australia, Canada and the United States. And it’s delivered more than 82 million charges and 783,370,000 megawatt-hours of electrical energy. This makes ChargePoint one of the world’s leading open EV charging networks.

This pure play company also protects its innovation. It has a growing patent portfolio and 20-plus awards for its technology. This can help it build a protective moat that keeps cash flow in motion for investors. This EV charging station stock provides great geographic diversification and a pure-play investing opportunity.

TPG Pace Beneficial Financial Corp.

This is the smallest of the four EV charging station stocks. It’s a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). And it raises funds with no business operations with the goal of acquiring another company. SPAC IPOs gained a lot popularity, and in December of 2020, this one agreed to acquire EVBox Group…

Since 2010, EVBox Group has been helping the world adopt electric mobility. Today, it reaches more than 70 countries and has more than 250,000 charging ports. This makes it a global leader in smart charging for electric vehicles. It has Europe’s largest installed base of charging solutions. On top of that, it offers advanced cloud-based software.

By 2023, EVBox Group aims to have helped install 1 million charging ports to make transport cleaner and more accessible. This makes it a great investing opportunity for EV charging.


EVgo is the first charging network to be powered by 100% renewable energy. The charging station company operates more than 800 stations in 67 metropolitan markets across 34 states. That’s more than other public charging companies. And it serves more than 200,000 customers.

EVgo has built an impressive network. But it’s actually just getting started, and building out its charging network requires more capital. To learn more about the business and EVgo’s past IPO, check out that link. This could be a great EV charging stock to watch in the coming years as it grows its business.

Upcoming EV Charging Station Stocks

More companies like these are popping up due to growing EV demand. And I’m keeping a few other private charging station companies on my radar with great potential. They’re not yet publicly traded, but with trends pushing forward, that might be changing soon.

Many companies are trying to profit from the EV boom. But the EV charging station stocks above appear to be ahead of the game. And investing early can make a huge difference in returns. Although, there are lots of trending opportunities like the EV industry to invest in…