Investment Opportunities

JDE Peet’s IPO: Global Coffee Company to Offer Stock

A JDE Peet’s Coffee IPO is coming to the European market. The offering of Peet’s stock could be the biggest of the year, looking to raise $2.5 billion. 

What to Do When the Market Asks You to Choose

In today’s market, airline stocks may not be your best choice, but they are severely underestimated.

Don’t Sit on This!

War Room members paid less for this stock than a director did… even though the shares are at a higher price.

Corporate Insiders Will Lead You to Vast Profits

As the country begins to reopen, it may seem difficult to tell which businesses will recover and which will stay permanently shuttered. Here’s a clue.

Inari Medical IPO: Why Stock Soared on Opening Trade Day

The Inari Medical IPO launched May 22, 2020. Investors immediately jumped on Inari stock. Its price soared to best opening-day gains of any IPO this year.

Vegas Was Closed… but This Casino Paid Out!

Members were able to trade at 20% the cost of shares and walked away with a 30% profit.

Which Companies Are Benefiting From No Summer Vacations?

Summer vacations aren’t dead, per se. They’re just going to look a little different in 2020.

The No. 1 Way to Make Money in This Market

The tie between our money and our Liberty has never been as obvious as it is today. But it’s not our job to point out the obvious.