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Investment Opportunities

IPO Calendar: Upcoming Investing Opportunities | Investment U

Companies release their IPO details at unpredictable times. That’s why we update this IPO calendar daily to give you the most up-to-date information available. To start, let’s look at this week’s IPOs.

DateCompanyTicker SymbolPriceShares
October 19, 2021Blockchain Moon AcquisitionNasdaq: BMAQU$1010,000,000
October 19, 2021Enterprise 4.0 Technology AcquisitionNasdaq: ENTFU$1026,100,000
October 19, 2021Fintech Ecosystem DevelopmentNasdaq: FEXDU$1010,000,000
October 19, 2021Sportsmap Tech AcquisitionNasdaq: SMAPU$1010,000,000
October 20, 2021Athena Consumer AcquisitionNYSE: ACAQ.U$1020,000,000
October 20, 2021Industrial Human CapitalNYSE: AXHU$1010,000,000
October 20, 2021Context TherapeuticsNasdaq: CNTX$55,000,000
October 20, 2021CyngnNasdaq: CYN$7.503,500,000
October 20, 2021ESGEN AcquisitionNasdaq: ESACU$1024,000,000
October 20, 2021Newcourt AcquisitionNasdaq: NCACU$1022,000,000
October 20, 2021Stronghold Digital MiningNasdaq: SDIG$196,687,305
October 20, 2021Worldwide Webb AcquisitionNasdaq: WWAC.U$1020,000,000
October 21, 2021The Vita Coco CompanyNasdaq: COCO$18-2111,500,000
October 21, 2021EnfusionNYSE: ENFN$15-1718,750,000
October 21, 2021Portillo’sNasdaq: PTLO$17-2020,270,270
October 21, 2021P10NYSE: PX$14-1620,000,000
October 21, 2021Ventyx BiosciencesNasdaq: VTYX$15-177,812,500
October 22, 2021WincNYSE: WBEV$14-165,000,000
October 22, 2021Aris Water SolutionsNYSE: ARIS$16-1817,650,000
October 22, 2021Minerva SurgicalNasdaq: UTRS$15-176,250,000
October 22, 2021Xilio TherapeuticsNasdaq: XLO$16-187,353,000

Upcoming IPOs

Recent IPOs

IPO Highlights

Here are some highlights about some of this week’s IPOs. To give you the most up-to-date and accurate information, I’ve included information directly from the prospectus filings of the companies.

The Vita Coco Company (COCO)


The Vita Coco Company is a leading fast-growing, plant-based functional hydration platform, which pioneered packaged coconut water in 2004, and recently began extending into other healthy hydration categories. Since our inception, we have been boldly re-defining healthy hydration to truly be good for your body rather than “less bad for you” as defined by the old guards of the beverage industry.


Our portfolio is led by Vita Coco, which is the leader in the global coconut water category with additional coconut oil and coconut milk offerings, and includes Runa, a leading plant-based energy drink inspired from a plant native to Ecuador, Ever & Ever, a sustainably packaged water, and the recently launched PWR LIFT, a flavored protein-infused water.

Market Advantage

We are on a mission to reimagine what is possible when brands deliver great tasting, natural, and nutritious products that are better for consumers and better for the world. At the Vita Coco Company, we strongly believe that we have a nearly two-decade head start on building a modern, healthy beverage company providing products that consumers demand. We observed early on the shift toward healthier and more functional beverage and food products led by the next generation of consumers. As a result, we believe our platform is tethered to the future and not anchored to the past.

Enfusion (ENFN)


Enfusion is a global, high-growth software-as-a-service, or SaaS, provider focused on transforming the investment management industry. Our solution is designed to eliminate technology and information barriers, empowering investment managers to confidently make and execute better-informed investment decisions in real time. We simplify investment and operational workflows by unifying mission-critical systems and coalescing data into a single dataset resulting in a single source of truth.


Our mission is to help solve investment managers’ evolving business and operational challenges through next-generation technology.

Software Service

We believe, by means of our purposefully-designed interconnected systems underpinned by one dataset, we are the only solution that allows clients to see and interact with all parts of the investment management lifecycle ranging from portfolio construction, trading, risk management, accounting and operations through to investor reporting seamlessly in real time, in one screen, in one solution. As a result, our solution enables clients to better align teams, optimizing their investment decision-making, operations and technology footprint and lowering operating costs. By harnessing the efficiencies, agility and scale inherent to our cloud-native, multi-tenant software that is integrated with a suite of technology-powered services, we believe we have created the industry’s most compelling investment management solution, capable of shaping and addressing evolving demands of the global investment management landscape.

Portillo’s (PTLO)


Portillo’s serves iconic Chicago street food through high-energy, multichannel restaurants designed to ignite the senses and create a memorable dining experience. Since our founding in 1963 in a small trailer which Dick Portillo called “The Dog House,” Portillo’s has grown to become a treasured brand with a passionate (some might say obsessed) nationwide following.


Our diverse menu features all-American favorites such as Chicago-style hot dogs and sausages, Italian beef sandwiches, chopped salads, burgers, crinkle-cut french fries, homemade chocolate cake and milkshakes.

Consumer Experience

We create a consumer experience like no other by combining the best attributes of fast casual and quick service concepts with an exciting energy-filled atmosphere and restaurant model capable of generating tremendous volumes. Nearly all of our restaurants were built with double lane drive-thrus and have been thoughtfully designed with a layout that accommodates a variety of access modes including dine-in, carryout/curbside, delivery and catering in order to quickly and efficiently serve our guests. As of June 27, 2021, we owned and operated 67 Portillo’s restaurants across nine states.

If you’re interested in IPO investing, check out our Top Recent IPOs. And if you’re looking for the latest investment opportunities, you’re in the right place! Sign up for our free Investment U e-letter to receive daily tips and research from our experts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, there’s something for everyone.

The IPO calendar this week presents some unique investing opportunities. If you’re looking for more insight, Investment U is the place to be. Sign up for our free e-letter below! It’s full of useful tips and research from our experts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, Investment U has something for everyone.


Aimee Bohn graduated from the College of Business and Economics at Towson University. Her background in marketing research helps her uncover valuable trends. Researching IPOs and other trends has been her primary focus over the past year. When Aimee isn’t writing for Investment U, you can usually find her doing graphic design or traveling with friends.

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