Bond Investing

What I’m Buying Right Now

I’m taking this time at home to reevaluate my portfolio… and one very important investment is missing.

Exxon Mobil’s Dividend Safety

This energy blue chip is a household name – but its competitive payout may be in danger as its dividend safety dwindles.

Municipal Bonds: The Power of Tax-Free Income

Municipal bonds allow investors to earn tax-free income from necessary infrastructure projects.

Exchange-Traded Funds: The Good, the Bad and the Profitable

ETF investing can make profitable trades more accessible – but these funds are untested…

Keep an Eye on Your Effective Duration

Effective durations suggest that lower credit-quality bonds may have an advantage over their highly rated peers.

Reading Between the Lines of Last Week’s Fed Meeting

Reading between the lines of the Fed’s meeting last week can offer investors insight into the bond market’s next move.

Is This the Beginning of the End?

Bond investors may be tempted by the stellar performance of popular FAANG tech stocks, but they shouldn’t abandon their stable bond holdings.

Is It Time for an Energy Sector Rally?

Investors can profit by looking to bonds in the energy sector.