Andy Gordon

Co-Founder, Early Investing

Andy has three decades of experience in the private and public sectors as an entrepreneur and advisor. The CIA, former Maryland Governor William Donald Schaefer, and Fortune 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin and Dow Chemical have all trusted his advice. Andy founded and ran an international trade and finance company based in Asia. Upon returning to the U.S., he joined a Florida investment advisory service that quickly gained a reputation for recommending companies with outstanding value and fundamentals. Andy has taught marketing and finance courses at local Maryland universities and has written a half-dozen books on global business, published by McGraw-Hill, Frost & Sullivan and others. He now regularly shares his worldly knowledge about investing in startups, cryptocurrency and cannabis with everyday investors in the free daily e-letter, Early Investing.

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Public vs. Private Shares? It’s No Contest

Investors take on a little more risk by buying into startups in a tough business environment. But the outsized rewards justify the investment.

Webinar: Ask This Startup Founder About His Move to COVID-19 Tests

20/20 GeneSystems’ founder and CEO answers questions about the company moving into providing rapid COVID-19 tests.

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In this special Q&A, Republic answers our questions about the SEC’s proposed changes to crowdfunding and gives us a master class on SAFEs.

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The key to investing in new digital marketplaces is to do it early.

Venture Capital Insanity Should Help Crowdfunders

Venture capitalists are overreacting to 2019. And it will create some terrific investment opportunities for equity crowdfunders in 2020.

I Can Finally Invest in My Dream

Andy Gordon has been dreaming about flying cars for more than 50 years. Now, he can finally invest in that future.

Don’t Plant Trees – Invest in Them

Investing in a startup that produces highly sought-after timber will fatten your wallet AND do more to save the environment than any government program to plant trees.

Recession-Proof Your Startup Portfolio

Startups are a good alternative to the stock market during a recession. Just make sure your startup investments are recession-proof.