Alexander Green

Chief Investment Expert

An expert on momentum investing, value investing and investing based on insider activity, Alex worked as an investment advisor, research analyst and portfolio manager on Wall Street for 16 years. He now runs the wildly successful Oxford Communiqué, ranked as one of the top investment newsletters by Hulbert Digest for more than a decade. He is also the author of four national best-sellers: The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio, The Secret of Shelter Island, Beyond Wealth and An Embarrassment of Riches. He shares his wisdom in his free daily e-letter, Liberty Through Wealth.

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The Coronavirus, the Market… and Rational Exuberance

Some investors have argued that we are in a bubble right now – that stock valuations are unjustified. But market analysis shows that they’re mistaken.

Corporate Insiders Will Lead You to Vast Profits

As the country begins to reopen, it may seem difficult to tell which businesses will recover and which will stay permanently shuttered. Here’s a clue.

How Investors Rationalize Their Fears… and Lose Money

The recent coronavirus crash led many investors to panic and pull money out of the market, but this is never a good idea. Market timing simply does not work.

Do Bears Lack Imagination, Knowledge… or Both?

Stock market bears insist that the recent rally makes no sense. Most lack imagination or don’t understand how markets work – or both.

The Secret to Higher Stock Market Returns

It can be hard to know when exactly to buy into a stock, but there’s a telltale sign – and reliable investment strategy – that rarely fails.

The Perfect Contrarian Indicator Pays Off… Yet Again

This economist’s flawed predictions serve as one of our favorite contrarian indicators. And they’re paying off yet again amid the coronavirus crisis.

Why Some Investors Succeed… But Most Don’t

Why do so many investors fail? What are successful investors doing differently? Well, for starters, they find a proven investment strategy and stick to it.

What “the Market” Understands That Health Experts Don’t

First quarter GDP took a hit, but the market is already looking ahead to the third and fourth quarters. Here’s what investors understand that the experts don’t.