Adam Sharp

Co-Founder, Early Investing

An active investor in more than 80 startups, Adam brings his extensive experience, research, due diligence and industry connections to guide readers through the exciting new investment space known as equity crowdfunding. As a former financial advisor, he also has extensive experience with internet marketing and financial writing. Adam has worked as a consultant for leading web properties with millions of visitors per day. He has built three profitable web businesses. And he now regularly shares his knowledge about investing in startups, cryptocurrency and cannabis in his free daily e-letter, Early Investing.

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Is Inflation a Certainty?

The future is increasingly difficult to predict, but we can make some good guesses about how central banks and governments will react, and then change our investing style to cope.

Will the Economy Get Better in 2020?

Stocks are soaring. Is the worst of this crisis over, or are we in the eye of the storm?

The Fed vs. Fundamentals

The battle is on, and Adam Sharp thinks the Fed is finally faltering. Could the bull market be over?

This Fragile Market

Yes, the market is down 10% or so, but it could be much lower. Here’s why…

Virgin Galactic Soars for… No Reason?

U.S. stocks look downright frothy. Here’s what Adam Sharp recommends doing…

What I Look For in Startup Deals

Adam Sharp explains how he evaluates startup deals – and the key factors every investor should consider.

The Fed Is Not Invincible

“Don’t fight the Fed” has been solid advice for the past 10 years. But the current bull market won’t last forever. And investors need to prepare accordingly.

Are Stocks Divorced From Fundamentals?

Stock prices have been ignoring stagnant corporate profits, surging higher. Is it sustainable?

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