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Can U.S. Electric Grids Support Electric Buses and Trucks?

Electric buses and trucks are quickly rising in popularity… But will utilities be able to support these EVs?

Is It Too Late for Big Oil’s Green Transformation?

Big Oil is just starting to invest in renewables, but are oil majors needed in order to make the transition to clean energy?

Oil Sands Extraction May Be Coming to an End

The oil sands industry may never recover from the rapid demand drop of crude oil.

What’s Driving the Big Change in Global Energy?

Economic trends are driving the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Energy Storage Is Rising in Popularity Despite COVID-19 Setbacks

Residential energy storage fell 40% in April, but this slowdown will be short-lived.

Wind Is Emerging as the Top Renewable Power Source

Falling costs have caused wind energy to emerge as the top renewable power source.

Big Oil Is Jumping Into Renewables

Big Oil is starting to invest in renewable energy companies because they produce less volatile and bigger returns.

3 Renewable Energy ETFs to Power Your Portfolio

These three ETFs are a great way to play the exploding renewable energy sector.