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Pop-Up EV Chargers Could Be a Game Changer for Cities

This disappearing EV charger could make charging an electric car in urban environments seamless.

The Sun Is Setting on Oil and Gas Stocks

With stay-at-home orders still in place, more hurt is coming to oil and gas.

The EV Semitruck Race Is Heating Up

Tesla and Nikola Corp. are competing to release the first EV semitruck.

Has COVID-19 Been Good or Bad for Natural Gas Demand?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, natural gas demand briefly fell. But it’s starting to ramp up again.

Renewable Energy Sources Replace Coal Ahead of Predictions

In our current energy transition, renewable energy sources are making coal the biggest loser.

Is Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology the Future of EVs?

Hydrogren fuel cells may be used to power future electric vehicles.

Hydrogen Gas Is the Newest Renewable Energy Source

Hydrogen gas is a renewable energy source that does not require typical energy storage.

The Winners and Losers of 5G During COVID-19

The coronavirus has disrupted many 5G companies, but a few companies adopting the technology have not been affected by the pandemic.