Mark Ford

Author, Entrepreneur, Investor

Mark Morgan Ford is a lifelong practitioner of writing, teaching, entrepreneurship, martial arts and philanthropy. He has written more than two dozen books on business, entrepreneurship and wealth building (several of which were New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers). As an entrepreneur, he has been involved in dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses, including one whose revenues exceeded $100 million and another that broke the billion-dollar mark. And as a real estate investor, he has been involved in more than a hundred projects and developments, from single-family homes to apartment buildings, office buildings and resort communities. He shares the lessons learned from his decades as an entrepreneur and investor with readers of Manward Digest.

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Don’t Hire Your Friends… and Don’t Make Friends With Your Employees

It might be tempting to hire your friends to work with you, but there are some drawbacks you need to consider.

How to Set Up a Realistic Monthly Budget

Setting up an effective budget can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. Mark Ford is going to share some helpful tips for creating a budget that works for you.

How to Survive and Profit From Black Swan Events

As a wealth builder, you have a choice. Try to predict the future (impossible) or learn how to protect yourself and even profit from adverse events.

Make 3 People Smile Today

Charisma is an important skill for achieving success and a rich life. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but luckily there’s a simple way to be charming.

The “Early to Rise” Virtue

Getting up (and getting to work) earlier not only makes you look more industrious than your colleagues but can actually make you more productive.

How to Master Your Emotions and Make Good Investment Decisions

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Is either tendency hindering your ability to achieve career success and attain a rich life? If so, here’s what to do.

Making Friends in High Places: A 5-Step Program to Boost Your Career

A successful career is a key aspect of achieving a rich life, and this method can help you achieve greater success.

The Little Things That Make Life Meaningful

To appreciate the biggest things in life, like our health and wealth, it is sometimes important to first focus on the little things that make us happy.