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Mark Morgan Ford is a lifelong practitioner of writing, teaching, entrepreneurship, martial arts and philanthropy. He has written more than two dozen books on business, entrepreneurship and wealth building (several of which were New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers). As an entrepreneur, he has been involved in dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses, including one whose revenues exceeded $100 million and another that broke the billion-dollar mark. And as a real estate investor, he has been involved in more than a hundred projects and developments, from single-family homes to apartment buildings, office buildings and resort communities. He shares the lessons learned from his decades as an entrepreneur and investor with readers of Manward Digest.

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How to Get Better at What You Do Best

The greatest challenge to mastering a skill is the desire to be a master before you become one. Here’s what you need to do to face any obstacle.

[Part 2] Living Rich: How to Live as Well as a Billionaire

Mark Ford continues to share his best tips for anyone who wants to live as well as a billionaire without breaking the bank.

[Part 1] Living Rich: How to Live as Well as a Billionaire

You don’t have to be a billionaire to live as well as one… especially if you follow these tips from Mark Ford.

Why You Should Invest in Rental Real Estate

Mark Ford shares one of his favorite income opportunities that anyone can get into… and become rich in the process.

How to Get Richer Every Day

Mark Ford has tried hundreds of wealth-building strategies throughout his life, but he’s found that the best one is also the easiest to follow.

Facts and Fallacies About Building Wealth

Many commonly accepted “facts” about building wealth are actually fallacies. Smart investors should ignore these myths and adopt a variety of strategies.

You Can Live a Rich Life While Building Wealth

Some people believe they have to save every penny, while others spend everything they earn. But it is possible to live a rich life while building wealth.

How to Be Financially Independent

Mark Ford shares some of his best tips for creating multiple streams of income so that you can become financially independent.

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