Matt Benjamin

Senior Markets Expert and Financial Host

Matt has worked as an editorial consultant to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Economist Intelligence Unit and other global macro-institutions. He wrote about markets and economics for U.S. News & World ReportBloomberg News and Investor’s Business Daily, among other publications. He also worked for several years as head of political economy for a Financial Times-owned macroeconomic consulting firm, advising hedge funds around the world. Matt’s claim to fame is that he’s interviewed two U.S. presidents and has spoken with five Federal Reserve Chairs from Paul Volcker through Jerome Powell. Matt also served as The Oxford Club’s Editorial Director for two years.

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Are You Ready for a Change of Leadership?

In this article, Senior Markets Expert and Investment U Financial Host Matt Benjamin examines the rise of small cap stocks in 2021.

Here’s Why You Should Be Optimistic

Senior Markets Expert and Financial Host Matt Benjamin examines the turnaround the economy has seen in recent months and the resulting stock market boom.

60-40 Rule of Investing: Is It Still Relevant?

The 60-40 rule of investing says you should have 60% of your portfolio in stocks or similarly high-risk assets and the remaining 40% in very safe…

Can This Bull Market Continue?

In our lastest Market Strategy Update, Senior Markets Expert and…
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New Investors Are Asking, Why Did GameStop Stock Rise?

New investors are asking, why did GameStop stock rise so heavily. This major shakeup is making headlines across the United States.

Are You Ready to Retire?

This is everything you need to join the minority…

Markets Anticipate a Wild Election Month

If you’re concerned about election-related volatility, you’re not alone.

This Earnings Season Should Be Huge

Third quarter earnings season kicked off this week with a…
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