Marc Lichtenfeld

Income Expert

A master of the steady, reliable science of income investing, Marc’s commentary has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and U.S. News & World Report. He has also appeared on CNBC, Fox Business and Yahoo Finance. His book Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System for Double-Digit Returns achieved best-seller status shortly after its release in 2012. He captures the hearts and minds of readers approaching their golden years in his daily e-letter, Wealthy Retirement.


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How to Recover From a Sell-Off

Investors who keep their heads and avoid misleading annuity sales pitches will have more luck recovering from a sell-off.

Can a Double-Digit Yield Be Safe?

This real estate investment trust’s dividend safety was secure in December 2017 – but after a yield increase, is it still safe?

Have an Investing Idea? There’s an ETF for That

Savvy investors can use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to diversify their portfolios.

Six Tips for Caring for an Aging Parent

Caring for an aging parent can be a complicated process. However, having a plan can make supporting them easier and more effective.

Will This 8% Yield Stay Safe?

This real estate investment trust’s dividend safety remains secure despite the company’s declining cash flow.

My Surprising Experiment With Peer-to-Peer Lending

Last year, Marc tried out a fast-growing new form of income investing: peer-to-peer lending. The results of his experiment surprised even him.

No, This Isn’t Like What Happened in 2008

What’s happening in the energy sector is bad. But it isn’t anywhere near the disaster that bears and the media would have you believe…

What You Need to Know About the NYSE’s New Trading Rule

On February 26, the New York Stock Exchange will institute a rule that will affect the way you place buy and sell orders. Here’s what you need to know…