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How the Digital Yuan Could Impact China and the World Economy

The digital yuan is poised to dethroned cash as king in China. This could have a major impact on the way it controls its citizens and keeps out the U.S.

Should You Invest in The Coinbase Stock When It’s Available?

Coinbase stock is coming and experts say its IPO day will deliver a wild ride for new investors. But that’s not who stands to benefit the most.

What Is Elongate Crypto and Should You Invest in It?

The Elongate crypto was borne from a joke. However, the founders have plans beyond making memes. But does that make it a worthy investment?

PayPal Crypto Checkout Adds a New Level of Functionality

The new PayPal crypto checkout feature makes cryptocurrency look a lot more like an actual currency. But its simplicity comes with some downside.

The Best Weed Stocks With Lots of Growth Potential

Even the best weed stocks have had a rocky couple years. But the industry has a lot of growing left to do. And that means great opportunities for investors.

Cheap Cryptocurrency: Five Coins You Can Add to Your Wallet Today

When it comes to finding a cheap cryptocurrency coin, there are a couple ways to break it down. But these five alt coins fit the bill any way you slice it.

The Marijuana Banking Bill: How the SAFE Act Can Help

A marijuana banking bill has been reintroduced. Once again, it has bipartisan sponsorship and support. Here’s why it matters for the industry and investors.

Stimulus Stocks: A Guide to Investing Your Stimulus Check

If you’re lucky enough to be able to, investing in these stimulus stocks is a great way to put that money to work… Instead of it just sitting in the bank.