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How to Buy Gold Stocks in Four Easy Steps

Jewelry and bricks of gold aren’t the only way to invest in gold. Here’s a four-step plan to gain exposure via the stock market.

The 5 Best Growth Stocks for 2020

For investors looking to take on some risk for the chance for outsized returns, we’ve put together this list of the five best growth stocks for 2020.

3 High-Growth Stocks to Watch in 2020

There’s a lot to like about growth stocks. But to really reap the benefits, these high-growth stocks offer even more potential bang for the buck.

Do Growth Stocks Pay Dividends? It’s Complicated

To answer the question, “Do growth stocks pay dividends,” we first need to look at the different types of companies focused on future growth.

Value vs. Growth Stocks: Which Is Right for You?

These two investments sound similar, but have some key differences. So we’re breaking down which is better: value vs. growth stocks.

What Are Growth Stocks and Are They Right for You?

Growth stocks can outpace the greater markets. And here’s what you should look at before including them in your portfolio.

Barrick Gold Stock: Is It a Good Investment?

Amidst economic uncertainty, Barrick Gold stock has grabbed the attention of a lot of investors. But is it as safe an investment as actual gold?

Finding Safety in Dividend Growth Stocks

Most companies focused on growth tend to reinvest profits. But some have taken a hybrid approach. Here are five growth stocks that also pay out dividends.