Nicholas Vardy

Quantitative Expert

An accomplished investment advisor and widely recognized expert on quantitative investing, global investing and exchange-traded funds, Nicholas has been a regular commentator on CNN International and Fox Business Network. He has also been cited in The Wall Street JournalFinancial TimesNewsweek, Fox Business News, CBS, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money Central. Nicholas holds a bachelor’s and a master’s from Stanford University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. It’s no wonder his groundbreaking content is published regularly in the free daily e-letter Liberty Through Wealth.

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The World’s Most Successful Investor Is a Swing Trader

Swing trading has made many a hedge fund manager a fortune – including the world’s most successful investor. But it can work for small investors too.

How Quant Trading Took Over Wall Street

You are in a far better position than giant quant funds to generate double- and triple-digit returns using cutting-edge quantitative strategies.

And as The Oxford Club’s Quantitative Strategist, I can show you how.

The Greatest Moneymaking Machine in Wall Street History

The greatest investor in history isn’t who you would expect. And what led to his market-beating success wasn’t fundamentals – it was quantitative investing.

The Tyranny of the Negative Headline

There is no shortage of scary headlines in the news. What does the onslaught of media negativity mean for wealth builders?

Why Psychology Is the No. 1 Secret to Your Investment Success

Subscribing to investment advice is helpful only if you actually follow it. Here’s why psychology is one of the most critical components for successful investing.

The High Price of American Naiveté

China is pushing a new narrative about the origin of COVID-19. Here’s why Americans need to stop being so naïve about China’s influence on global economics.

How to Make Your Fortune in Crisis Investing

Investors like Sir John Templeton and Bill Browder used major market downturns to make millions. Surprisingly, their way to wealth was simple.

Lessons From the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Many Americans suffer from “historical amnesia.” But there is a lot we can learn about global wealth and success by looking back at history.