Nicholas Vardy

Quantitative Expert

An accomplished investment advisor and widely recognized expert on quantitative investing, global investing and exchange-traded funds, Nicholas has been a regular commentator on CNN International and Fox Business Network. He has also been cited in The Wall Street JournalFinancial TimesNewsweek, Fox Business News, CBS, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money Central. Nicholas holds a bachelor’s and a master’s from Stanford University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. It’s no wonder his groundbreaking content is published regularly in the free daily e-letter Liberty Through Wealth.

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The coronavirus crash hit many companies hard, including Berkshire Hathaway. But as the market recovers, Warren Buffett is poised for a big year.

Invest When There Is Blood in the Streets

One of the best times to put your money to work is when there’s “blood in the streets.” Here’s why contrarian investing is the way to wealth.

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The “Critically Counterintuitive” Lessons of Investing

In order to grow your wealth, you may think you need to be very intelligent and highly analytical, but successful investors have proven those things untrue.

Your Market Crash ETF Toolkit

When the market drops, it’s tempting to abandon ship. But pick up these tools for your ETF portfolio, and you could actually profit from a bear market.

Quant Investing’s Biggest Edge

Quant investing uses computers to process tons of data and reveal invisible patterns. But the real edge for quant and swing trading is a lot simpler.