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Stocks vs. Mutual Funds

When considering stocks vs. mutual funds, both can serve investors well. Although, there are some key differences and trends to factor in.

4 Most Volatile Stocks in 2021 to Buy or Sell

The most volatile stocks this year have given investors a run for their money. But with any crisis comes investing opportunity.

Top 3 EV Charging Station Stocks

These EV charging station stocks appear to be ahead of the game. And investing early can make a huge difference in returns.

6 Momentum Stocks to Buy in 2021

The momentum stocks on this list might have a long way to run. Their stock charts look good and the trend is your friend.

420 Stocks to Profit with Marijuana Legalization

The 420 stocks on this list are some of the top players in the marijuana industry. More states are easing up their restrictions.

7 Hot Stocks Backed by Big Trends

The challenge with most hot stocks is that they come and go. Investors get caught up with fads. So, here are trending companies with long-term potential.

6 Best Semiconductor Stocks and Chip Shortage Opportunity

The best semiconductor stocks should benefit as more devices come online. On top of that, we’re in the midst of a global chip shortage and growing demand.

Top 3 Uranium Stocks to Buy in 2021

Nuclear energy is gaining momentum and this is a perfect setup for the best uranium stocks. It’s much safer than many people believe.

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