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Johnson & Johnson’s Dividend History and Safety

Johnson and Johnson earned the Dividend Aristocrat title, as its raised its dividend for 57 years in a row. Although, the company has had a difficult year in 2019.

3M’s Dividend History and Safety

Today we’re going to review another one of the best dividend stocks around. Let’s take a look at 3M’s (NYSE: MMM) dividend history and safety…

Millennials and Cryptocurrency: Why Young Investors Prefer Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Crypto Investments

The stock market has been on a historic run for […]

The Advantages of Investing in Farmland

Most investors think about farmland as the place where their […]

Target’s Dividend History and Safety

Target’s stock has climbed 60% in 2019 which is much larger than the 20% jump the S&P 500 made this year.

Why Equity Crowdfunding Is a Top Way to Raise Capital

Getting a business venture up and running is no small […]

Is Altria’s Dividend Still Safe?

With the FDA responding to vaping related fatalities, Altria’s stock has been beaten down. Let’s take a look at the business, dividend history, and payout safety going forward.

4 Cannabis ETFs to Watch as Federal Legalization Creeps Nearer

Marijuana stocks are a hot ticket on the public markets […]