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Is Legal Marijuana a Seasonal Industry?

New data from Colorado suggests that legal marijuana sales rise in the spring and summer and decline in the fall. Here’s how to play this seasonal industry.

Preferred Stock: A Good Thing to Own in a Market Correction

During a market correction like the one we’re in now, many investors want a stable investment that provides income. That’s why preferred stock is a great choice…

Forward Guidance: Nicholas Vardy Explains Exchange-Traded Funds

Today on Forward Guidance, ETF Strategist Nicholas Vardy answers some common questions about exchange-traded funds.

Forward Guidance: Karim Rahemtulla on Options and Income Generation

Today on Forward Guidance, Options Strategist Karim Rahemtulla reveals some unconventional but powerful income-generating techniques.

Time Is Money. Here’s How to Invest Your Time Wisely…

You’ve probably heard the old saying “time is money.” At next week’s training event, Karim will show you how to maximize the return on your time.

Ryan Fitzwater Discusses Mining Plays on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Today on Forward Guidance, Research Director Ryan Fitzwater reveals some surprising mining plays on lithium-ion batteries.

How to Spot a Regional Real Estate Bubble

The Pacific Northwest is currently providing a textbook example of what a regional real estate bubble looks like.

Steve McDonald Explains Bond Market Basics

Today on Forward Guidance, Bond Strategist Steve McDonald explains the basics of the bond market and discusses the “super bonds” he has recently discovered.