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Is Legal Marijuana a Seasonal Industry?

New data from Colorado suggests that legal marijuana sales rise in the spring and summer and decline in the fall. Here’s how to play this seasonal industry.

Preferred Stock: A Good Thing to Own in a Market Correction

During a market correction like the one we’re in now, many investors want a stable investment that provides income. That’s why preferred stock is a great choice…

Why Congressional Insider Trading Is Legal – and Potentially Profitable

Nobody is above the law… except our lawmakers. This chart exposes the profitable (and technically legal) world of congressional insider trading.

The Canadian’s Guide to U.S. Investing

Canada’s stock market offers many lucrative opportunities. But it pays to diversify. Here’s a simple guide to buying American stocks with Canadian dollars.

Forward Guidance: Andy Snyder’s Unusual Passive Income Source

In this week’s episode of Forward Guidance, Manward Press founder Andy Snyder reveals the unusual passive income source he recommends to his subscribers.

The Edifice Complex: Why the New Apple Headquarters Is a Bad Omen

The opening of the new Apple headquarters might sound like a good thing for shareholders. History says otherwise. Does Apple have an edifice complex?

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Navigating Company Acquisitions

Company acquisitions can be tricky for shareholders. Holding stock during a buyout is risky, but can be profitable. Here, learn to make the best decision.

Is Microinvesting a Small Millennial Trend or a Big Innovation?

Microinvesting is a technique combining small, frequent deposits with simple allocation strategies. Is it a revolutionary idea or just a millennial trend?