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The Long and Short of It: Vape Stocks

Will vaping stick around, or is it just a fad? These are some of the best long and short plays on vape stocks.

A Real Investment Trend in Fake Meat

Fake meat isn’t just for vegetarians anymore. High-end meat alternatives are winning over carnivores and creating a fast-growing investment trend.

Profit From the Rising Importance of Linux Software

These days, business runs on the cloud. And the cloud runs on Linux software. You can profit from the rising importance of the open source operating system.

How Smart Investors Buy Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are both popular hedges. There are many ways to buy these metals. Here, we look at the pros and cons of each option.

What to Do With Your Portfolio While Living Abroad

There are many reasons why U.S. citizens end up living abroad. If you’re considering the expat life, make sure your American portfolio is protected.

Winners and Losers of a Strong Dollar

A strong dollar sounds like a good thing, but it has losers as well as winners. Let’s look at how a high-priced dollar affects different assets.

What Are Dark Pools, and How to Spot Them

Dark pools are secretive mini-exchanges where high-powered investors trade huge amounts of stock. Here’s how spotting dark trades can give you an edge.

Electronics Recyclers: The Gold Mining Stocks You’ve Never Heard Of

Electronics recyclers are the other gold mining stocks. They can pull a serious amount of metal from our e-waste… and you can profit from their work.