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Nothing Is Immune to Disruption – Including Breakfast

No industry is safe from disruption. Even milk and orange juice are in trouble.

News Fix: CBD Products Could Still Make You Fail a Drug Test

In the news this week: New York hemp farmers get a break, Saudi Arabia backs Travis Kalanick again and David Marcus says bitcoin isn’t a currency.

News Fix: Who Watches the Watchers?

In the news this week: Colleges become legal battlegrounds for cannabis, China praises blockchain and the Fix ponders who watches the watchers.

News Fix: The Two-Minute Drill Version

In the news this week: Adam Neumann gets a hefty severance package, Indian startups have a record year and the Senate finally starts thinking about marijuana research.

News Fix: Cannabis Companies Roll With the Changes

In the news this week: The MedMen-PharmaCann deal is called off, the IRS updates its crypto guidelines and Andreessen Horowitz gets its fourth female general partner.

How Founders Get Funding and How Investors Ensure They Deserve It

When seeking funding, a startup founder needs to sell their vision to investors. And investors need to challenge that vision. Here are some specific points both parties need to talk about in order to succeed.

How to Modernize the SEC

The slow-moving SEC is in desperate need of an overhaul. And investors need to push for it.

News Fix: WeWork Isn’t the Only One Cleaning Up Its IPO Mess

In the headlines this week: Bitcoin falls 15%, WeWork tries to clean up its IPO mess and the House passes a marijuana reform bill with a historic vote.