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The 2005 Trader’s U Archives

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12/28/2005 – Stock Trading in 2006: How to Make the New Year Your Best Yet: Issue # 168
D.R. Barton weighs in on stock trading in 2006 through the core principles of the periodic review, including methods and techniques investors can use in the New Year.

12/22/2005 – The Curse of the Low-Quality Trade (Part 3) – Portfolio “Junk Food”: Issue #167
In Issue #167, D.R. Barton, Jr. invites readers to take a look at some of the tools and tactics to use to help you lay off of trading “junk food” within your portfolio.

12/14/2005 – The Curse of the Low-Quality Trade (Part 2) – Three Reasons to Remove the Spyware in Your Brain: Issue # 166
In Part 2 of The Curse of the Low-Quality Trade, D.R. Barton discusses the real cost of investing in less-than-desirable positions and marginal trades.

12/08/2005 – The Curse of the Low-Quality Trade:Lots of Activity, Little to No Profit:
Issue #165
In Issue #165, D.R. Barton examines the reasons why some investors take trades where they have little to no edge and why the ideas behind them aren’t useful for investing at all.

11/30/2005 – End of the Year Stock Market Movement: Santa’s Not Coming to Town… Just Yet: Issue # 163
D.R. Barton analyzes the end of the year stock market movement known as the ‘Santa Claus Rally” to help investors make decisions in the market during this turbulent time.

11/23/2005 – Trading Currency: How To Easily Play Moves in the Dollar with Three Distinct Investing Choices: Issue #162
D.R. Barton explores the most common and accessible ways of trading currency, specifically how to invest in the dollar…and which instruments might be the most useful for your portfolio.

11/16/2005 – The U.S. Dollar: Strong or Weak? (The Dollar Is Dead. Long Live the Dollar!)
Issue # 161 looks at the charts to determine where the U.S. dollar is headed compared to the Euro.

11/09/2005 – Tom Busby: Winning the Day Trading Game…Three Lessons From a 25-Year Veteran Trader: Issue # 160
Issue # 160 cites veteran investor Tom Busby and his book, Winning the Day Trading Game…and passes on three valuable investing lessons to last a lifetime.

11/03/2005 – The “Little Brother” of the Internet Whips Its Siblings Issue #159
D.R. takes a look at Google’s rise to power over its predecessors like Yahoo! and Amazon and what the future may hold for this giant.

10/26/2005 – Internet Stocks: Still Partying (and Spending) Like It’s 1999? Issue # 158
D.R. Barton conducts analysis on today’s most talked about Internet stocks, revealing why everything old is suddenly new again.

10/19/2005 – Are Crude Oil Prices Still Driving the Market?
Issue #157 examines crude oil prices as an indicator of the market’s overall direction. Does the inverse relationship between crude oil prices and stock index prices still hold true?

10/06/2005 – MACD Indicator: What No One Will Tell You About…That Could Cost You Money: Issue # 155
D.R. Barton reviews the MACD Indicator (a technical trading tool based on exponential moving averages), and reveals its useful and popular–but sometimes costly–techniques.

09/28/2005 – How Traders Can Win When the Personal Savings Rate Drops: Issue 154
Issue #154 D.R. Barton examines the American personal savings rate and its implications on the bond market and the retail sector.

09/22/2005 – Is Gold a Good Investment? A Favorable Long-term Forecast: Issue # 153
To determine if gold is a good investment, Issue # 153 reviews the MACD Indicator, momentum and volatility, and price against the U.S. dollar and the Euro.

09/14/2005 – Stop Loss Order: The Deciding Factor in Trading and Investing: Issue # 152
D.R. Barton reviews stop loss orders and offers a set of guidelines for using this ultimate trading and investing truth.

09/08/2005 – How Is the Stock Market Affected by Natural Disasters? Three Reasons Katrina Shouldn’t Change Your Investment Style: Issue # 151
D.R. Barton report on how natural disasters affect the stock market, with charts showing the Dow Jones Industrial Average following the last four major hurricanes in the U.S.

08/31/2005 – Investing in Oil: Is Black Gold Finally Topping Out… With Katrina’s Help?: Issue # 150
Issue # 150 features a review on investing in oil, including the impact of Hurricane Katrina…and a technical perspective on oil pricing using the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator.

08/24/2005 – How to Keep “Worst Days” From Denting Your Portfolio: Issue # 149
Last week we found that mutual fund marketers make dubious use of statistics to support their case (as do other folks with a vested interest in promoting a buy-and-hold strategy). Let’s jump right into a more balanced and logical view of the buy-and-hold argument, and then take a look at what the mutual fund advocates aren’t showing us.

03/02/2005 – Would a $100,000,000 Loss Help You To Remember Proper Position Sizing? Issue # 124
What does it take to get your attention in the area of trading and investing? Would $100,000,000 do the trick? I’ll have to admit that this amount sure peaked my attention when I saw it in the paper this morning. Losing that kind of money should…

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