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Investment U Master Plan

Invesment U Master Plan


“This economy is going to be on steroids for the rest of this year and next year.” – Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO

A recovering job market… a sharp rise in consumer spending… and widespread vaccination are all leading to what could be the biggest economic boom in decades. And during our 23rd Annual Investment U Conference, we gathered more than one dozen leading investment experts – including Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld, Chief Trends Strategist Matthew Carr, and more – to show you exactly how to play it. Now, thanks to our 2021 Investment U Master Plan, you can get instant access to the top strategies and opportunities they recommend for profiting from this supercharged growth.


  • Access to More Than a Dozen Presentations: You’ll see every speaker’s presentation and hear every critical strategy and opportunity to help you profit from the impending economic recovery. Get ready to discover…
    • The top trends to watch in 2021
    • Four disrupters for 2021 with triple-digit growth
    • 10 global trends every smart investor should know
    • How to future-proof your portfolio for under $200
    • The best kept secret in alternative investments
    • How to pinpoint 10X microcap biotechs
    • How to supercharge your crypto portfolio during this bull market
    • And much more!
  • Exclusive Private Interviews: You’ll get access to private interviews with The Oxford Club’s team of experts, as well as our guest presenters and keynote speakers. Imagine being able to listen in on candid conversations with some of the best and brightest financial minds of our time. Now it’s possible.
  • Added BONUS Presentations: Because several of our experts were unable to attend this event in person, we recorded their presentations remotely so we could deliver them right to you. It’s our way of making sure you hear about all of their best opportunities – no matter what!