Michael Masterson

Michael Masterson

Michael Masterson has developed a loyal following through his writings in Early to Rise (www.earlytorise.com), an e-newsletter published by Agora that mentors more than 400,000 success-oriented individuals to help them achieve their financial goals.

Michael Masterson has been making money for himself or others for almost four decades. In that time, he’s only taken two breaks-each time for two years. The first was after a stint with the Peace Corps in which he came to appreciate relative values and the joy of teaching. The second came at age 39, when Masterson retired from the $100 million-plus business that he and his partner built.

Over the course of his remarkably successful business career, Masterson has been involved in the development of dozens of successful businesses, including two that grew beyond $100 million. At one time or another, he’s owned and run companies that were public/private, onshore/overseas, local/international, service/product-oriented, retail/wholesale/direct mail, and even profit/not-for-profit.

In Automatic Wealth: The Six Steps to Financial Independence, Michael Masterson provides a roadmap for investors to build financial independence to last a lifetime. In his follow-up book, Automatic Wealth for Grads and Anyone Else Just Starting Out, Michael helps a younger generation of wealth-builders land a better job, secure a larger salary and create a net worth of more than $1 million by the time they turn 30.

In his latest book, Seven Years to Seven Figures: The Fast-Track Plan to Becoming a Millionaire, Michael Masterson provides readers with a detailed program to turn their average — or below average — income into a seven figure fortune in seven years or less.

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