Investment U is an investing and personal finance blog designed to take you all the way from basic financial literacy to pure financial freedom. As such, we are always looking for partnerships to help us further our mission in financial and investing education.

About Investment U:

  • Founded in 1999
  • Relaunched in August 2019
  • Nearly 300,000 visits per month
  • Nearly 80% of visits come from organic search
  • Moz Domain Authority (DA) of 58
  • Ranked for over 71,000 keywords on Google
  • Over 100,000 active email list subscribers

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About Our Audience

  • 33% of users aged 25-34
  • 80% male
  • About ⅔ of users on mobile
  • General interests include:
    • Banking / Finance / Avid Investors
    • Business Professional Lifestyle
    • Health and Fitness
    • Value Shoppers
    • Sports Fans
    • Avid News Readers
  • Ready to Buy:
    • Investment Services
    • Employment Services
    • Banking Services
    • Motor Vehicles (Used)
    • Residential Properties

Partnership Opportunities

At Investment U, we offer different partnership opportunities for interested parties. These include the following:

Content Partnerships

We are interested in a variety of content arrangements that could include the following:

  • Guest posting
  • Social media sharing
  • eletter content
  • Co-authored content

Such partnerships are generally mutual; content is supplied for both the Investment U website as well as your website or other properties.

Affiliate Partnerships

We run affiliate ads with our partners on a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis. This means we pay out when affiliate traffic converts and purchases one of our products. We use real-time, transparent reporting to show conversions.

Affiliate partnerships can include running the following on your properties:

  • Dedicated email sends
  • Banner ads
  • Sponsorship ads
  • And other arrangements may be possible as well.

We have offers that fit all of the verticals listed above and we are willing to work with affiliates of any size. 

Media Buys

We buy advertising directly on multiple verticals and traffic sources that fit our goals. Our biggest source is email advertising, but are open to traffic of any kind:

  •  Native ads
  •  Banner ads
  •  Push notifications (browser notifications)
  •  Landing pages (confirmation pages)
  • Any other sources of traffic available

We are a direct response advertiser, so we’re looking for conversions or lead generation. We like vendors that want to work with us to hit our goals and we are looking to form long-term relationships. Big or small, if your traffic performs, we’re happy to work with you. 

To inquire about Partnership Opportunities send us an email anytime at