Coke vs. Pepsi: Which Stock Comes Out on Top?

Coke or Pepsi? The debate has raged on for years. And in this chart, we show which company has come out on top over the past decade.

In a $6.2 Billion Market, Investors Are Bubbly Over Coke and Monster Deal

Last week, The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) announced it would pay $2.15 billion for a 17% stake in Monster Beverage Corp. (Nasdaq: MNST). According to the agreement, the companies will exchange brands that allow them to refocus on the specialized beverage types they are best at making.

Spend, Consumer, Spend: Why the Government Doesn’t Want You to Have Cash

Remember one of the first things President Bush said after the 9/11 attacks? Keep your faith in the American economy. In other words, spend your money (he never actually said “go shopping”).

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VYM: The Best High Dividend Yield ETF?

Some people like mutual funds and others are jumping on the ETF bandwagon. However, besides the pricing, is there any difference in using one or the other for retirement investing…

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Dividend Aristocrats: One of the Most Profitable Financial Forces Available

I couldn’t believe the returns I was seeing. Could investors really generate this much money by…

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Coke vs. Pepsi… Are the Cola Wars Finally Over?

Coke vs. Pepsi: Which Cola Conglomerate is the Better Investment?

Pepsi is slightly sweeter than Coke, so in small doses, people prefer the sweeter taste but it can get overbearing very quickly. Similarly, Pepsi may be a sweeter short-term investment. But it’s hard to bet against such a tried-and-true consistent winner such as Coca-Cola for the long-term. Coke vs. Pepsi… >>