Annuities: Risks and Rewards (Slideshow)

More than a quarter of a million people reach retirement age each month. Annuities are one way to alleviate fears of outliving your assets.

My (Future) Life of Leisure

Last month, I figured out what I want to do when I retire. I plan on being a guest lecturer on cruise ships. You make some money, live the good life and see interesting places. Sign me up. I discovered this while sailing with The Oxford Club Chairman’s Circle Wealth Cruise from Australia to Bali. We traveled aboard the magnificent luxury ship Crystal Symphony.

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The Worst Investment You Can Make?

A couple months ago, I wrote a column about a good friend who’d plunked a substantial part of his life savings into an expensive and unnecessary whole life policy. I explained why this is almost always a terrible investment. But my friend’s insurance agent is back at it, pitching him now on annuities.

>> The Worst Investment You Can Make?