How We Dominated the Market in 2019

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Important Warning About the Markets

Things are heating up in the Middle East once again. For investors like us, it starts 2020 off with one heck of a wild card.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rich… and Enjoy It

Let’s have a real conversation. It’s about money. It may offend. It may not make some readers feel good. And some folks will hate us for it.

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We’re in a Hell of a Mess

How do we run a democracy… when nobody believes in the democracy? The question seems to answer itself.

The Best CBD Cream for Pain

Because CBD is widely known for its powerful pain-relieving effects, […]

The Dumb Side of Being Socially Conscious

There’s a hot trend in the investing world. It’s harmful. It could cost you money. And, frankly, the logic is 100% backward.

The Next Facebook Is Already in Your Back Pocket

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