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What is the best time of day to buy stocks? Let’s take a closer look at why the first two hours of trading are held to such high regard by investors.

How the Pattern Day Trading Rule Affects Investors

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Investing in Sports Cards

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How to Remove Pattern Day Trader Status and Reset Your Account

An active trader should know the pitfalls and how to avoid PDT status. But for those that don’t here’s how to remove pattern day trader status.

Technical Analysis Tools

While technical analysis tools will not replace training and experience, they can still help you become a better investor and trader.

Pattern Day Trading: How to Make Yourself Eligible

Pattern day trading is more of a designation than anything else. But being designated as one by your brokerage can come with some expensive rules.

Hedging: Explained

Hedging is a kind of investment strategy that helps mitigate risk. Investors can protect their position on one investment by trading another investment.

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