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You put 10% of your paycheck into savings... contribute the recommended amount to your 401(k)... pay off your credit cards each month... in short, you follow “the
rules.” And at the end of it all, hopefully you’ll get to retire with some dignity. When you think about it, that’s a pretty disappointing best-case scenario, isn’t it? Yet it’s what most people accept as gospel.

Not us. At Investment U, our goal is to help readers do more than just “survive.” We want to help you rise above mediocrity... to achieve liberty through wealth,
using the time-tested tools and strategies below.

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Wealth-Building Essentials

Alexander Green's Secret to Building a $2.3 Million Portfolio  

Asset Allocation Explained 

Five Steps to Tax-Manage Your Portfolio

How to Spot a Winning Stock

Investment Return Calculator 

Investment Variables Calculator 

The Only Six Investment Moves That Matter

Pairs Trading: How to Risk Less and Profit More

Position Sizing Calculator 

Sir John Templeton's 5-Step Strategy for Financial Success

The True Art of Selling Stocks

What You Can Learn From "The Witch of Wall Street"

When NOT to Use Trailing Stops

Why You Need an Investment System: Part One, Part Two

Advanced Income

Compound Interest Calculator 

Dividend Reinvestment Calculator 

Emerging Market Bonds: Less Risk Than You Think

Marc Lichtenfeld's Quantum Profits 

A Slam Dunk in Bonds (A Strategy for Better Buys and Higher Returns)

Tender Offers: Take the Money and Run!

Alternative Assets

The Case for Gold... Even As It Falls

Hedge Oil Volatility With This Alternative Play

How Much Should You Have in Commodities?

Private Equity Investing: What 230 Million Americans Will Soon Have in Common

The Rise of Bitcoin: A Startling Revolution in Money

The Ultimate Portfolio Diversifier

Why Site Visits Matter


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Fundamental Analysis

Grade Stocks Yourself with These Six Key Metrics

The Best Free Stock Screener

"Stop Misusing the Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio!"

Technical Analysis

Moving Averages - Is Your Stock Golden or Deadly?

How to Use Moving Averages

The Most Overlooked "Buy" Signal in the Market

Three Sentiment Indicators to Guide You Through Today's Market

Using Relative Strength to Detect Future Rallies

Why Investors Should Embrace "Failing Fast"

Beyond Wealth

The "Burdens" of Great Wealth

Congratulations! You're Now One of the Richest 1%

How to Be Richer, Thinner and Happier... In Five Easy Steps: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Want to Be "Rich"? Here's How to Make Your Goals a Reality