Few holidays are more polarizing than Saint Valentine’s.

On February 14, either you’re happily spoken for and you have a one-day pass to rub your bliss in everyone’s face… or you’re single – by choice or not – and you’d rather just skip the whole day.

But regardless of your romantic status, there’s one gift I’m sure you wouldn’t mind receiving this February…


A Forget-Me-Not and a Pick-Me-Up

Nearly 75% of Americans plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. That’s a huge jump from last year’s 55%.

Given the ongoing status of the pandemic, people feel the need to find something to be happy about.

Still, that doesn’t mean three-quarters of the country is coupled up.

The list of “loved ones” has expanded beyond just significant others. The category now includes children, friends, teachers, co-workers and pets.

Not to mention the ever-important “Galentine’s Day” festivities – where women celebrate female friendships and get yet another excuse to host a wine night (not that we need one).

So it’s no surprise that consumers plan to shell out an average of $164.76 on their expanding lists of loved ones this year.

In fact, total spending is expected to reach $21.8 billion.

Here’s how it’ll break down…

Total Projected Spending

Cupid’s Pandemic Plays

Special occasions like Valentine’s Day call for gifts, gifts and more gifts.

Loved ones receive Hallmark cards, bouquets, boxes of chocolate, stuffed animals, jewelry… sometimes all of the above.

That’s why there are more than a few companies throwing lovey-dovey commercials your way. They’re looking for that V-Day sales bump.

But this year will look different from years past. Thanks to the pandemic, we can’t bet on record spending in restaurants or movie theaters. Much of the gift-giving and celebrating has been moved online.

That’s part of the reason these five companies are expecting double-digit revenue increases in the first quarter. And some of them aren’t Cupid’s usual targets.

Cupid's Pandemic Plays

Leading the pack with more than 65% in quarterly sales growth is Etsy (Nasdaq: ETSY). The online marketplace is a one-stop shop for unique, customizable gifts for any occasion. It’s also been on a tear since the pandemic began and we’ve been stuck at home.

Not too far behind Esty, we have Signet Jewelers (NYSE: SIG) and Grubhub (NYSE: GRUB). A jeweler is an obvious choice, but a food delivery service doesn’t exactly scream romance… except for this year.

Dining in is the new dining out. And you can bet all the various delivery services will be swamped on date night.

Next up is Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) – which is a quarantine staple at this point. Cue the sappy romantic comedies and cuddle sessions on the sofa.

The streaming company isn’t exactly sexy in and of itself, but the phrase “Netflix and chill” didn’t come out of thin air. (And if you don’t know what that is, I’ll tell you when you’re older!)

Lastly, we have FedEx (NYSE: FDX). Because all those gifts you buy online aren’t going to deliver themselves. And it’s not as if you can hand them off in person this year.

A Sweet Investment

Valentine’s Day isn’t going anywhere, though it will look a little different in 2021.

So whether you choose to spend your holiday curled up with your valentine or with the ever-reliable Ben & Jerry, make sure to show yourself some love with a sweet investment or two.